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Welcome to Actions Over Words!

Actions Over Words began on February 2nd, 2015 in Cape May, New Jersey when 23 year old founder Alec Levin was a Junior in High School. He heard a man named Mike Smith talk about the idea that we often go through life saying we are going to do something, but never actually do so. He was inspired to do more with his life and to help others.

After running Actions Over Words locally in Cape May for four years off and on throughout college, he had another vision which found him leaving his career in Financial Services to pursue the Actions Over Words movement full-time. He felt NOW, more than ever was the time to bring the Actions Over Words movement to the world.

Ultimately, he set out to make the world a better place to live. In doing so, he wanted to ACTUALLY make an impact by lending a helping hand and inviting others along the journey to join the movement. In creating this movement of using your ACTIONS instead of your words, we wanted to give back and work with charities and standout apart from other companies. We decided to donate $5 of every sale to different charities around the world!

We are a family. And everyone who supports the Actions Over Words movement is part of this family forever. We are more than an apparel company, we are a movement and we strive to use our ACTIONS instead of our words to make the world a better place to live $5 at a time! To date, the Actions Over Words movement has helped raise $14,000+ for charities! Keep up to date on the Actions Over Words movement on Instagram: @actionsoverwordsapparel